Install network clients

It's exists 2 different installation way's

Take the kranXpert Network Client CD labeled with „Network Client“.

1. Server based data (favored)

The kranXpert application an the crane database is store on the server. To use this, copy the folder kranXpert from the client setup cd to the server. Then open the network.ini file in the notepad and chance the localhost to the IP adress of the kranxpert network license server (example: server= On the client computers create only a link to the kranXpert.exe that stored in the kranXpert folder.

Client based data

  1. Place the Compact-Disc in the computer CD-ROM drive (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VISTA).
  2. Start the 'SetupClient.exe' from the CD.
  3. Follow the setup instructions to the end.
  4. After the setup is complete, the network.ini file is open in the notepad. Please change the localhost to the IP of the network license server (Example: server=
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