Use a PDF document for a ground plan picture

There exists currently two ways to add pdf document to kranXpert.

1. Open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader, maximize the window and zoom the part you need on the window, then take a screen shot by press the print key.
With this version you can insert all things to kranXpert (Google Earth / Maps etc.).

2. Open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader click on the menu on “Edit” then “Copy data to clipboard”.
Hint: Some PDF documents have a wrong format, then in kranXpert the “Insert ground plan from Clipboard” is disabled, then you have to use the version 1 to add the pdf document.

Now the image is in the clipboard, start kranXpert and open a new planner window click in the menu “Planner”, “Ground plan picture” and select “Insert ground plan from Clipboard” The next window shows you the clipboard picture content and you can set the file name. Click on the OK button and the Ground plan picture edit window showing next. In the picture on each corner you see a little rectangle with this you can cut the ugly window border of the screen shot, then position/set the Distance length.

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